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Our Staff

Leadership Team

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Jennifer Hernandez, PT, DPT

Executive Vice President

610-363-7009 x 210
Education: Arcadia University, Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Jen has been with Austill’s since 1999 first as a school based physical therapist working with preschool and school aged students before joining the management team in 2005 as a Placement Coordinator. Through her service at Austill’s she has been responsible for managing the hiring and recruiting of new therapists in the Placement Department and now leads the Austill’s team focusing on providing high quality, financially responsible, clinically excellent services to our educational partners in additional to overseeing the growth and acquisition of new school districts and agencies.

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Laura Gladden, M.Ed., OTR/L

Vice President of Clinical Operations

610-363-7009 x202
Education: University of Virginia, Masters in Education, specializing in Motor Learning, Ohio State University, Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy, NDT certification, SIPT certification
Laura began working with Austill’s as a pediatric therapist in 1998 moving into a management role of Pediatric Coordinator in 2004. Laura brings a variety of clinical experiences including working in adult rehabilitation settings and also a clinical supervisor and mentor. She also has coordinated and co- founded continuing education programs in those settings. Currently, Laura works closely with our Educational Therapy Teams to lead the clinical operational management of Austill’s in collaboration with our educational school district partners including monitoring trends, services using our ACE database.

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Lynn Lopez

Director of Contract Administration

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Education: Millersville University, Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education
Lynn joined Austill’s in 2003 and has held many different roles at Austill’s over the years including administrative functions, database development and management/agency administrative support. In her current role she is responsible for the oversight of our ACE database system and its reporting features. In addition, Lynn participates in the analysis, acquisition, growth and development of new agencies.

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Laura Boyle Nester, OTR/L

Director of Placement

610-363-709 x226
Education: University of Pittsburgh, Occupational Therapy; Juniata College, BS in Psychology and Biology, SIPT certification
Laura has worked with Austills since 2006 as a pediatric school based therapist before joining the management team in 2011. Her background includes pediatrics, adult rehabilitation and management. Laura is responsible for oversight of the recruiting and hiring processes with our Educational Placement Team.

Educational Placement Team

Responsible for evaluating, and hiring qualified therapy professionals and to match the distinct needs of each educational agency that we work with, while also creating rewarding careers for our family of therapists.
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Elyse Veni

Student Relations Coordinator, Colleges and Universities

610-363-7009 x209
Education: West Chester University, Masters Degree in Counseling concentration in higher education and student affairs.
Elyse manages the Clinical Fieldwork Program, which provides school based experiences to graduate level therapy students in university programs.

Financial Team

Responsible for managing our integrated database (ACE) and accounting/finance.
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Denise Mange

Database and Computer Coordinator

610-363-7009 x211
Denise has been with Austill’s since 1996.  She is responsible for data entry and accountability compilation and has extensive computer related office experience.

Educational Services Team

Pediatric therapists responsible for managing Austill’s school contracts, including programmatic and administrative oversight to analyze school programs in collaboration with school administrators, personnel and therapists.
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Glen Birmingham, PT, DPT

Manager of Educational Therapy

610-363-7009 x203
Education:  Texas Women’s University, Master in Physical Therapy; Arcadia University, Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Glen became a pediatric therapist with Austill’s since 2005 before joining the management team in 2008.  Glen brings a diverse background to the Austill’s team including an accounting degree, and PT experiences in many settings including outpatient pediatrics, adult rehabilitation and management.

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Wendy Coulter, OTR/L

Manager of Educational Therapy

610-363-7009 x219
Education: Penn State University, Masters Degree in Health Services 1986, Quinnipiac College, Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy.
Wendy joined Austill’s in 2008 as a pediatric therapist and then moved to a management position in 2017. Wendy brings to Austill’s an extensive background in management and program development in a variety of pediatric and adult settings. She is also a skilled clinician in pediatrics and adult therapy.

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Kristin Engel, PT, DPT

Manager of Educational Therapy

610-363-7009 x225
Education:  Temple University, Masters degree and doctorate degree in Physical Therapy
Kristin joined Austill’s as a pediatric therapist in 2003 and joined the management team in 2007.  Prior to joining Austill’s Kristin worked in both pediatric and adult setting and also have experience with aquatic therapy.

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Maria Lehman, OTR/L

Manager of Educational Therapy and Professional Development

610-363-7009 x205
Education: Elizabethtown, Occupational Therapy Degree, SIPT certification
Maria joined Austill’s in 2007 as a pediatric therapist and then moved in to a management position in 2010. Maria brings to Austill’s a background in management, pediatrics and adult therapy.

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Amy Vanic, MPT

Manager of Educational Therapy

610-363-7009 x 207
Education: University of the Sciences, Bachelors in Health Sciences and Masters in Physical Therapy
Amy has been with Austill’s since 2005, joining the Management team in 2017. Amy has clinical experience in acute care, management, hippotherapy and pediatrics.

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Valerie Ames

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x200
Education: Eastern, Bachelor’s in Psychology
Valerie joined Austill’s in 2002, presently serving as Office Manager.  She earned her Bachelors in Psychology from Eastern University.

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Tara Balla

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x214
Education: West Chester University, Bachelor’s in Education
Tara joined Austill’s in 2010.  She earned her Bachelors in Education from West Chester University.

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Barbara Boles

Educational Services Coordinator

610-636-7009 x 201
Barb joined Austill’s in 2005, presently serving as an Executive Administrative Assistant.

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Rachael Danton

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x204
Education: Albright College
Rachael joined Austill’s in 2012.  Rachael graduated from Albright College and earned her Certificate of Completion from Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

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Carol Harding

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x230
Carol joined Austill’s in 1993.

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Elizabeth Huntsinger

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x231
Education: Bloomsburg University
Betsy joined Austill’s in 2003.  Betsy graduated from Bloomsburg University.

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Tina Larsen

Educational Services and Professional Development Coordinator

610-363-7009 x237
Tina joined Austill’s in 2005, presently serving as an Administrative Assistant to several Pediatric Coordinators as well as the administration of Austill’s Continuing Education Program.

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Michelle Ragghianti

Educational Services Coordinator

610-363-7009 x206
Michelle joined Austill’s in 2008.  Michelle graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.