Child Focused Therapy Evaluation Child Focused Therapy Evaluation Child Focused Therapy Evaluation Child Focused Therapy Evaluation

Child Focused Educational Programming

Evidence-Based Intervention Model Supports Your Students’ Unique Needs

  • Screening and Pre-Referral Processes (RtII Strategies, Handwriting and Sensory Programs, Teacher Consultation, training and equipment recommendations for students with sensory processing disorders)
  • Evaluations – Direct services and monitoring of timelines and content (school based sensory evaluations and complete SIPT evaluations can be provided in specialized situations)
  • Direct treatment and consultative services for students with IEPs and 504 Plans. Austill’s Pediatric Managers, trained in sensory processing, are available for staff and therapist consultation
    • Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Interventions
    • Equipment Assessment
    • Life Skills/Self Care Skills
    • Seating and Positioning
    • School-Based Sensory Assessment and Intervention
  • Student Based Reporting (Act 16, PCG approved MA Access upload, Quarterly Medicaid Claim Report, student details available by grade and school, Screen and Evaluation Service Logs)
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Discharge Planning
  • Teletherapy
  • Educational Programming Sessions
    • Parent
    • Paraprofessionals

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“Kristen has been tremendous with my students.  She has met us out when on CBI trips and rearranged her schedule in order to participate in events that might require her assistance such as getting on and off buses, lunch, and graduation.”

– Montgomery County Staff