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Educational vs. Medical Model

Receiving Outpatient Therapy

Our partner, Theraplay, provides outpatient therapeutic services for children to address developmental and/or medical conditions in order to gain/restore function. As part of the process, families and caregivers are educated on how to assist their child/adolescent in achieving their individual developmental and functional goals.

Referral is initiated by a parent or physician based on observed delay or diagnosis; the child needs to display a need for therapy services. Often families can obtain an evaluation within a week of their initial call to Theraplay. The evaluation process includes clinical testing and observation by licensed occupational or physical therapists, or speech/language pathologists, information gained from the child/adolescent and their family, and outside reports. All the settings and activities a child or adolescent participates in are also taken into account. The medical team determines location, focus, frequency and duration of therapy.
Insurance coverage, doctor’s orders and transportation may be determining factors in receiving medical based therapy services. Fees vary based on the needs of the child and insurance benefits. Private pay options are available if insurance does not cover therapy. Therapy services are provided in an outpatient center. Outpatient therapy services can occur in conjunction with Early Intervention or educationally based services while collaborating to best meet the individual needs of the child/adolescent and family.
Children's Therapy Services
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“Ashley is on-top of all student sessions, and always is sure to make-up missed sessions. She is very communicative with me & with my students' parents. Ashley puts each students' needs first, and has positive rapport with all students and staff.”

– Montgomery County Staff